Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Term  and conditions

Terms and Conditions This is a very important part because the information given by us that you have to accept certain conditions according to which if you try to tamper with our website in any way, your IP address will be hacked through which your Strict action can be taken against our information left by.

The information given by us is only in your interest, we have not given any information that you do not like, which is our website and there is no shortage on our part in designing rshayari.com, so we take care of you completely. And take care of your choice too.


Our website, this license has been created through Corporate Infocomm Pvt. Ltd. This website has been created through this platform and this website has been approved by godaddy.


Hyperlinks on our website can only be done on organizations that are doing business online. You can put someone else’s link on our website so that you will get a lot of facilities and if you want to put our hyperlink in non-organization then it will not be able to.

You can easily see the internal link on our website because we have placed other website work with internal links on some keywords on your website, so that you can get information from other websites as well. And there is only one author on our website, no one can ask any of its services in the hands of others, the intention is to say that only one person maintains this website.

Third party

Our website does not have any third party role. This website is run under the same person and runs smoothly and does not show any internal link or any kind of link to any non-profit organization.

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