About us

About us

About us- My name is Rahul Kashyap. I write Poetry and Politics on my website because I like to write and read. Let’s share it with more people. I write many Shayari in many ways like Motivation Shayari, romantic Shayari, valentines day Shayari and Sad Shayari.

about us
Rahul Kashyap

I believe that I will be able to reach through the people on my website by writing all those things because there are many people who keep their heart in this good thing. And I believe that I can understand people somewhere. So that’s why I write poetry that come in my mind also I have the power to make people think with their heart’s feelings.

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If there is any mistake in the poets you read, then do not forget to tell us through the comments and we look at the comments given by you daily, so whatever kind of poetry you like poultry you can comment and tell us That kind of poetry and sacred that will surely bring you

And we keep bringing our new updates every day for poetry and poetry and you can tell us whatever your request is, if you want to talk to us directly, then you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram and start direct from us. can talk. And we will also tell you that the way we work on our website and the way we are crying day by day, how can you do it, we will support you fully if you also have a talent, on a platform If you are not able to show then we will help you

And in the last, I would just like to say that your love may remain on my website just like this and you kept reading my updates.